The Meatverse

The Meatverse is the logical next step in human evolution, connecting people at a scale never attempted before.


At the core of the Meatverse is a distributed digital ledger, or blockchain, based on a novel proof-of-steak algorithm developed in Switzerland by Meatverse Labs.

Unlike proof-of-work algorithms prevalent in contemporary blockchains, proof-of-steak is energy-efficient, infinitely scalable, and protein-rich.


Cryptographic hache

The integrity of the blockchain is an algorithmic invariant guaranteed by the use of a secure cryptographic hache linking the blocks together, and the clever application of a randomly generated salt and pepper.

Cryptographic hache and salt

Meatverse and the environment

Climate change is one of the existential threats humanity faces at this time, comparable only to out-of-control pandemics and wacky south korean TV series.

Not only is proof-of-steak already more energy-efficient than proof-of-work, it’s also designed to be easily replaceable by other algorithms based on lab-grown or plant-based meat.

Artist's depiction of a blockchain

Soft forks vs hard forks

We are fully committed to inclusiveness. Therefore, participants of the Meatverse are encouraged to use whatever cutlery they are most comfortable with, according to their ethnic, societal, and religious beliefs.

Soft forks and hard forks are of course accepted, but so are spoons, chopsticks, and even sporks.

Hard fork and soft fork


Meatverse whitepaper